Intelligent Prop-less & Rudderless Sub & Surface Craft Drive System

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Octahedrals (8 sided shapes) and tetrahedrals (4 sided shapes) when they come together can form complete solids. Magnetic manipulation of the tetrahedrals so they are pushed and pulled, creates an exciting world of one way valves, pump actions and other features to create thrust in any direction. No rotating giveaway hum of rotating propellers, shafts and (electric) motors. And by controlling the flows in any direction, there is no need for rudders and other flow control devices with their inherent 'lag' in pointing a submarine, autonomous underwater craft or even a surface marine vessel in the desired controlled speed.

And there are other benefits of such a marine drive package, which is that it can be 'reversed.' Well, it can already drive in reverse, but it can harvest surface and undersea currents that are flowing in almost any direction.

Indeed, the same drive mechanism can rest up and recharge its own batteries before topping up other craft, all under the surace if wanted, before moving on in another mission, and/or relocating to service other undersea or surface craft.

The technology can be almost any size in substantial numbered clusters of the tetrahedrals and octahedrals, so providing redundancy and survivability even if large portions of the drive system are damaged.

Designs also include outer layers of the tetrahedrals and octahedrals that can form strong deflecting barriers to all manner of incoming threats, plus even have specialised acoustic structures to confuse almost any enemy sonar detection platforms, such as selective absorption of incoming signals to provide a 'stealth-like' image.

And its all based on the creative use of tetrahedrals and octahedrals, appropriately arranged and rearranged, in sizes and combinations with other specialised internal cells to maximise overall performance.

It is easy to see that even with limited information released, it was one of the handful of finalists in the recent PACIFIC 2017 naval innovation awards!

Looking forward, the prop-less and rudderless sub and surface craft can be very big like 100m long subs with distributed drives covering most of the hull to small 10cm long pocket craft in support of personal special missions. And watch this space for a new generation of seacraft toys and recreational, low water disturbance, yet rapid response fishing!


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