Clearer Orbit

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Doesn’t the ever-expanding number of space launches to Earth orbit seem enormous every year? Statistics reveal fluctuating numbers between 80 and 90 per year starting from the 21st century. Leading countries compete with one another in order to lead the space industry by launching more and more spacecraft. Most of those satellites were launched for different purposes such as broadcasting, GPS services, weather forecasting, observation etc.

However, the main question is: “What happens to them after completing their missions?”. In the best case, their missions are extended for two or four years. Some of the little Low Earth Orbits burn in the atmosphere while falling, another part go to the unpopulated areas on the Earth or to the Pacific Ocean spacecraft cemetery. Tough, some mentioned steps have been taken to remove them from the Earth orbit, there are a plenty of “circling dangers” for currently working stations. Considering the impressive number of space launches in our contemporary life, human beings are not capable of managing all of those satellites which are finished their missions.

Contrary to the ideas of removing or burning those discarded spacecraft, I support development of a system which allows us to utilize them as building materials in order to build colonies on other planets (such as Mars). The aim of the research is to establish a way to clean the orbit of the Earth from space junk and reduce the cost of further launches in order to build colonies on the other planets in the very near future.

The idea of the using space debris as construction material is illustrated in picture 1. Accordingly, the Clearer Orbit idea consists of following steps:
 First and foremost, current space debris removal research should have been analyzed and matching points should have been gathered.
 According to the altitude between the discarded satellite and its last destination (a planet), satellites should have been categorized (such as GEO, MEO, LEO). In this occasion, space debris can be cleaned step-by-step.
 Designing a space debris removal system which will able to track discarded satellites effectively is the following step of the whole project. Tracked items will be reconstructed or deconstructed in those stations just before sending them to the future colonies.

Realizing the importance of the “crowded orbit” problem forced me to establish a way to make it cleaner. As a conscious individual, providing a clean way to new worlds for future generation is my biggest goal.


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