Helium Drone

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The world is striving towards making things a lot better and efficient. Similarly, this project also aims towards the same. This is an aerial vehicle, where the major aim is to make the surveillance purpose better. And hence, we are going to make a ball fly in such a way that it can hover for several hours in the air without consuming much more battery power. The system will help in surveillance for many hours without any break in connectivity. The size of the aerial system has been kept small enough and compact. This is practical because this way, the system can be hidden and can be used under various circumstances. The system is easy to control and can be easily handled by the cops. The mechanics of the system include a light plastic model that can easily lift in air and a DC motor has been used to provide the needed thrust that will help the system stay up in the air for an exceeded amount of time. IR/RC controllers are the ones which have been used. Apart from all the above-mentioned components, rotors as well as the electronic speed controllers are also used. Helium will also be used in the system and is a major component responsible for providing the lift.

The camera used for this purpose is a closed circuit camera. Either the video cameras or the digital still cameras could be used. This program has a lot of other benefits too because the system is compact and can be used under various situations and can be used for public as well as the private sectors.


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