Saving Boats from Sinking due to Waves from River & Sea

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Many in the public and fishermen have died from sinking of boats. Also with many wealth are spoil for it. To save people and money / wealth I propose an innovative boat, which is very simple but able to save from sinking of boat from wave of sea or river.

At first for this innovative boat, I suggest that, at the upper side wall of boat to be fitted a hollow metal pipe of minimum two diameter. After fitting the pipe two end position of the pipe to be joined by welding or by clamp. The gap of pipe’s bottom position with boat’s wall to be closed, so that the pipe is showing like sloping at that place. For it the wave will go at the outside without creating more strikes. For this innovation, when the wave strikes at the boat, then the boat will lean at opposite side for a few moments and very little for the hollow pipe. The boat will straighten at once without water entering into the boat.

Secondly, if the two same thus innovative boat are jointed side by side by keeping less gap, then there will be no chance of it sinking at sea or river.


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