Smart Economic Vacuum Valve

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Introduction to Economic Smart Valve

Target group: The whole composite industry using vacuum bags or reusable vacuum bags on parts to produce and repair standard vacuum ports are here for decades and are made out of several Aluminum parts such as a baseplate and top plate and many more subparts, When placed in a vacuum bag you have to cut the bag turn the top plate connector o. Therefore this type leak easily only with on wrinkle under the vacuum bag and tilt with a heavy hose and connector.

The New economic smart valves are designed by me to overcome these problems compared to standard valves! You can make a standard vacuum bag using a Smart economic Smart valve, run it through the sealant tape without cutting any vacuum bag and no leakage!

Advantages of the SmartValve compared to the standard valves on the market:

•There is no need any more to make an incision in any vacuum bag
•It reduces the risk of tearing of vacuum bags
•It eliminates the risk of leaks
• A mechanics does no longer have to hold vacuum hoses and connector until the full vacuum is
• It saves cost by Reduction of material and operational cost
• They are easily linkable with the worldwide standard used quick disconnects and silicone hose and are able to create an overall equal vacuum under any bag in large vacuum bag area
• The standard thread is used to connect standard quick mail and female quick connects pressure gauges
• High temperature resistant, and durable stainless steel
• Single part – no accidental discarding of base plates
• Easy to clean
• Applicable on flat and curved surfaces

It saves time and cost
I have already ordered 1000 Smart valves of each type which are still in stock, not one sold because it is a new solution for an old method that everybody is used to and we have to interest everyone to use the new way of vacuum a bag.


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