Two-stroke Rotary Engine (Quasiturbine)

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At present and in the future, flying vehicles (as well as drones) will flourish. They needs compact and powerful engines, friendly to the environment. Four-stroke engines as well as turbine engines are not suitable. This engine will replace those engines.

The Wankel engine does not have a separate lubrication chamber. The lubricant is mixed with fuel and injected directly into the combustion chamber. As a result, poor lubrication, reduced quality of exhaust, less durable. Turbine engines are low efficiency when small in size, very high production techniques, high maintenance costs. Therefore, expensive price, not good for small application.

This engine solves the above problems. Each rotor when combined with the body will create three chambers. Two chambers are used to make the combustion chamber, the other chamber is used for lubrication. Inlet and outlet are arranged on two side bodies. These doors are opened/closed by the rotor.

A impeller is used as a compressor. The engine operates in two cycles. Impeller exhausts and recharges the air for each combustion chamber. All the faces of the rotor rotate into the lubrication chamber, which is lubricated and cooled. That increases engine life. In case of large power, each rotor will have three combustion chambers, each rotation of the shaft will have three times the power.

Unlike turbine engines, this engine can be produced using the existing technology of a four-stroke engine. The engine has fewer components than a four-stroke engine, with only three moving parts (rotor, shaft and impeller). Therefore, the engine can compete with four-stroke engines, and costs much less than a turbine of the same power. At the same time low maintenance costs.

1. Simple structure, few parts and very few moving parts, less vibration.
2. Don’t mix fuel with lubricant, increase exhaust gas quality.
3. Has a separate lubrication chamber, increased lubrication, increased cooling, high durability.
4. Compact, large power.

This engine is a combination of a rotary engine and turbine engine. With the same power, this engine is more compact than a rotary engine, which is more efficient than a turbine engine, more durable than a Wankel engine, better exhaust quality. When replacing an aircraft turbine engine, this engine will reduce the amount of fuel carried, increasing the time and range.

With the advantages: compact, large power, durability.
It can be used in drones, hybrid cars, speed boats, small planes ...
The engine is good support for electric motors in hybrid cars, and electric planes.


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