Low-cost Advanced Space Suit for Skydiving and Space Jump

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Skydiving is a transiting from sky to Earth, may involve free-falling when the parachute has not yet been deployed. Skydiving is limited in altitude. Oxygen mask above 50,000 feet does not provide protection for body from low pressure. Only full pressure suit provides protection at high altitude. Standard space suit design requires significant updates for supersonic freefall, provides thermal protection and meets specific mobility requirements.

Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier on his descent with Mach 1.25. David Clark Company (DCC) updated Space Shuttle intra vehicular space suit for record jump. Alan Eustace has had jump in space suit from record altitude 135,889 feet or 41.419 km. They broke world records and the race started.

Final Frontier Design (FFD) is developing space suits. FFD starts updates for skydiving in April 2018. Our new generation skydiving suit has significant novelties in technology. Important advances of FFD suit over current suits are low weight, easy resizing system, easy donning/doffing, increased comfort and mobility, low operation cost, low manufacturing cost, mass use of 3D printing parts in suit.

Weight of DCC space suit is 36 lbs, FFD suit - 18 lbs. Alan Eustace suit - 250 lbs. Low weight garment save money for balloon, increases comfort, reduces fatigue and oxygen consumption. Figure 1 Advanced space suit.

The suits for records are personal made. FFD advanced space suit has universal sizes and unique resizing system which significantly reduces maintenance cost. The suit has 13” of height range:
Figure 2 and 3 . Sizing range of advanced space suit.

Current suits requires assistants for donning/doffing. FFD suit is only self donning, self doffing space suit on American soil. That significantly reduces operation cost.

FFD suit has unique single layer pressure garment design. That significantly reduces weight and manufacturing cost. The design meet NASA pressure requirements.

FFD suit has 3D printing helmet rings, ventilation manifolds, pressure valves.

We produce space suits in NYC. High manufacturability - just 5 people and 3 months for one space suit. Market for space suits is orbital/suborbital space flights, high altitude flights, skydiving and space jumps. Emerging space tourism need safely bring crew and passengers back to Earth in the event of catastrophic spacecraft failure. Develop the equipment & technology to fly higher and faster - supporting human re-entry from above 100 km Karman Line, real space.

Sensors, communication and electronic control system, physic based simulation tools for skydiving space suit are most important parts of the future test program.


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