Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

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Varuna is our first AUV and we completed it in a one year design cycle. The vehicle is fully modelled using Solidworks software and extensively we will simulate the structural and flow analysis with ANSYS, STARCCM+ software and going to manufacture almost entirely on our campus. Based on the Grid independent studies simulation is carried out for various speeds for 0.1-0.5 m/sec then only we can neglect the lift forces based on the wet test.

Varuna presents a cheaper, stronger, lighter in weight of 37 kg and compact size of 0.8m*0.6m*0.6mas length, width and height of the vehicle and capable of working under 50 m depth. New advancements include full vehicle control of six degrees of freedom, a dual-hull cantilevered electronics rack and hulls, overhauled wire routing for electrical systems, and significant software for mission reliability and robustness. Varuna sensor suite comprises of inertial measurement units (IMUs), two vision cameras, and humidity sensors, water sensors for kill switches, a depth sensor and an internal pressure sensor. Returning features include a vacuum-assisted sealing system; hot-swappable battery pods, unified serial communications, and flexible mission software architecture will be install.

* to develop the Low Cost AUV with Micro Observation capabilities and operable up to 100m depth and most importantly completely fabricated in India
* to use the AUV for continuous monitoring of aquaculture behaviours such as water quality, temperature, pressure, pH value etc.
* to use our AUV for the surveillance, Search and Rescues, Seabed Mapping survey, Underwater Pipe Line Inspection, Water Column observations, Fishery Industry, Water Quality, Emergency Response etc. based on the industry requirements with some add-on features.

Applications for Defense & Security Sector
Search and Rescue operations for Naval Forces
Applications for Maritime Sector
Pipe survey: Pre & Post Survey, Survey and Exploration for Oil & Gas
Pipeline survey: Cable, riser and flexible laying for Oil & Gas
Deep water structure inspection: Underwater inspection & Surveys for Subsea Works
Deep water survey: Survey & Inspection for Mining
Deep water bathymetry: Survey for Hydrography Oceanography
Hydro-Oceanography Vessel : Ships for Hydrography Oceanography
Data acquisition: Hydrographic Systems for Shipyards
For monitoring the fishing industry
Development of aqua culture


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