Enhance Image Resolution with Nearest Neighbor Deconvolution

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A new image processing technology, nearest neighbor deconvolution (US Patent 7912307), is able to enhance image spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit.

This technology rewrites the point spread function (PSF) with nearest neighbor model, applies the Shift Theory in Fourier domain, and achieves higher resolution images with inverse Fourier Transform.

This technology is able to:

1. Dramatically reduce weight of imaging satellites.
2. Enable small aperture cameras to reach resolutions as high as large aperture cameras.
3. Find more details from existing images.

Feasibility of this technology was approved by experiment, and by applying it to several NASA space photos. The processed photos have shown some new features.

Basic idea of this technology was invented 10 years ago, but only recently we are able to solve some technical issues and to prove the feasibility.


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