Inchworm Motion Based Rover

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I am presenting a design of a very unique ROVER which is based on inchworm motion. It will move like an INCHWORM using its telescopic arm and suction system. The rover will get energy from solar cells.

There are two parts to this rover, a front and a back part. Both parts will be connected to each other. Each part will have a motor, a wheel and a suction system. At the time of motion the rear part will stick to the surface and the front part will move forward using its telescopic arm. After getting a certain distance, the front part suction system will work to hold the rover and the rear part will move. In this way this rover will move.

Salient features:
(1) It will travel a long distance in a short period of time due to its telescopic arm.
(2) It can cross any hurdle very easily due to telescopic arm and INCHWORM motion
(3) It can move on an inclined surface very easily.
(4) It will be a lightweight, low cost, long life rover.
(5) It can move in any direction.

There are many more possibilities in it as it can solve many problems regarding rovers on extreme terrain.


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    Vikram Kumar Gupta
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    I'm inspired by technology since childhood and want that someday one of my invention will be convert into reality to ease the life of people.
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