Improved Rotor Balance Process

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This entry focuses upon the process of rotor balance. The term rotor refers to the type found in jet engines. During the engine assembly process, rotors must be balanced to a very high level of precision. Rotors are typically balanced by using a device called a balance machine. If a rotor is not properly balanced, the engine will vibrate in the field (i.e. on-wing). Vibration causes efficiency loss and undesirable engine wear.

Data shows that rotors which achieve a passing score from a balance machine are not necessarily going to pass in the field. There are external inputs that can effect the balance machine's process. The author has discovered a method to largely improve the rotor balance process accuracy and repeatability. Using the improved method, data from over 300 rotors proves the average unbalance to be 90% closer to zero unbalance and yields zero customer turnbacks.

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Author: Jay Gabrelcik


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