Set Up Safety Index in Civil Aircraft

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Civil aircraft Lru,s send data to DFDR. Output of DFDR & OMS suggest to proceed inside aircraft. Output will be present on FMS-MCDU & monitoring display as a safety index. Pilot & engineer would proceed with further action based on comment.


A flight data recorder is a system designed to collect and record data from a variety of sensors. These sensors are mounted throughout the aircraft structure picking up data from appliances- components and co-dependent systems that tell their story of how they were configured- and being used during the time before- and at the time of an accident. All of this data is collected and stored digitally within a reflective- fluorescent yellow or orange crash-proof container.


Onboard maintenance systems (OMS) provides a model-based diagnostic approach. It offers aircraft operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) quicker aircraft turn around time and reduces production and lifecycle costs.

OMS function is to monitor the health of the aircraft (through our aircraft condition monitoring function) and diagnose issues quickly and accurately. OMS functions include:

Continuous monitoring of aircraft avionics during flight
Diagnosis of the root cause fault behind symptoms
Correlation of the fault with flight crew alerts (flight deck effects)
Informs the maintenance crew of the required repair action
Performs applicable testing (built-in test (BIT), ground tests, return-to-service tests)

OMS also includes aircraft data loading hardware (wired or wireless), which is used to provide a secure connection between ground systems and the aircraft avionics. data loaders are used to load critical flight tools including navigation databases (charts and maps) and flight plans. They also download fault history database information from the aircraft’s central maintenance computer (CMC).

OMS systems provide you:

Faster diagnosis of faults and repair of affected systems
50 percent reduction in aircraft turn times
Reduced no-fault found equipment returned for repair
Lower maintenance costs
Upgraded system reliability
Improved diagnostics and trouble-shooting during OEM build cycle
Lower production costs
Higher on-time deliveries


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