Spaceport Construction

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The extraordinary capabilities of the GSAL is our method of creating large structures in space very fast. The Gateway Segment Assembly Line or GSAL will be amazing in many ways and the first is speed. From the time materials are first loaded, until a simple, but large frame over 200 feet long is constructed is under 30 minutes.

How does it work?
Materials will be delivered to the loading end of the GSAL where they will be inserted into loading mechanisms that peel off the beams and panels one at a time onto rollers and beam guides that will advance them all to the first workstation. Here they will be welded together in the manner prescribed for that part of the spaceport. Each load of construction materials that arrives will bring with it an instruction set telling the GSAL how to form segments for that part of the Gateway. For example, We show cross members being loaded every 50 feet but for areas of high stress they might be added every 5 feet with multiple floor decks for pressurization and radiation protection. Of course, each additional step would require more time. The GSAL can create many different shapes of segments, box, U, L, and flat shapes. If you programmed the GSAL to create four L shapes then you would have a large open area inside the Hub for microgravity training. Also, the beam guides can be moved to together or apart to make wedge shapes or any kind quadrilateral. This construction machine has extraordinary latitude in spaceport segment assembly.

The GSAL is a combination of three-decades-long proven technologies:
1. Assembly lines: Assembly lines can create very complex machines very fast. From cars to computers to jet aircraft, we have used assembly lines to build almost anything. With exception of ships.
2. Block Construction: Block construction is used mostly in shipbuilding and offshore drilling platform assembly. Large sections of a ship like the bow or stern can be made in one part of a shipyard while other parts are made at the same time in another. Then when they are ready they bring them all together to assemble the ship.
3. Permanent Modular Construction: PMC has been used for over a hundred years here in America. It is used a lot in China to build hotels very fast – 30 story tall hotels in 19 days!

In this video of the GSAL we only show one workstation being used, but actually, there are at least four stations in this rendition. There could be 50 or more workstations laying power cables or fresh water pipes. This also shows the amazing growth potential that the GSAL has to offer. Its full potential at this time is unknown.

These segments from the GSAL are so big they are like blocks in a shipyard. The segments are 25 feet tall by 25 feet wide and 200 feet long. That’s the size of a small office building, every 30 minutes. That's revolutionary!



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