Air Drop Bags

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Drop bags are for low-level airdrops beneath radar. These are a combination of safety bag and gas propelled retro rockets. Use is primarily for clandestine missions and as safety bags for rotary wing aircraft where parachutes cannot be operated.

The airbags are made from a very durable, soft Dyneema UD-SB. for ‘soft ballistic’ armor to protect against handgun ammunition and shrapnel. Unlike normal auto safety bags, Drop bags look more like a cream filled donut of giant bubble wrap, with a large elliptical double walled bubbles on the bottom and top. Rather than air, helium is used and the bags explode into position after sufficiently clearing the aircraft. A small chute is used to make sure the package does not flip over when the bag triggers. When the package comes in contact with the ground, the impact causes ports to open in the bottom of the double wall bag forming the base. When the ports are blown open gas escapes quickly like a deflating balloon, propelling the package upward like a retro rocket the rate of release is determined by micro-computer based upon the velocity at impact, the weight of the item. When the outer bag is deflated the package comes to rest on the inner cushion, at which the contents can be unloaded. The bags themselves being made of bullet resistant Dyneema UD can be reused as bullet resistant barriers for immediate protection in case the landing proves “hot.”

(1) Performance
When used at tree top level it allows delivery aircraft to get in and out fast. Drop bags Makes possible drops in water as articles float in bullet resistant cocoons. Life saving in hot zones, as they provide protection not only for equipment but personnel as well.

(2) Affordability
While more expensive than chutes they can be used for covert missions where chutes cannot be deployed. They allow the delivery of heaver gear quicker then landing. Especially useful in hot zones, as they provide cover or in water landings as they float. Also a lot cheaper than replacing air craft.

(3) Manufacturability
These products are designed for high volume low cost manufacturing. Dyneema is now product available in large quantities. These can be easily produced using current technology Dyneema is relatively easy to work with and can be molded in complex shapes. Fabricators have had years of experience making various Mil Spec. Pillow Bag Bladders, Inflatable Air Bladder and crash proof fuels cells and inflatable chemical and water tanks.

(4) Operational Capability
The micro-sensing system, which is powered by the micro-fuel cell, can easily be worn by personnel in field operations without experiencing either significant weight or bulk. The sensing system will allow wireless communications to near-by personnel or remote command centers.

Resistant to both high and low temperatures, such as those occurring in vehicles or in extreme climates. Performance unaffected by moisture. Positive buoyancy in water (ideal for marine operations). Aging-resistant (no effect on performance after 24 months at 90°C). Highly resistant to solvents (e.g. oil, gasoline).


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