An Internal Combustion Engine with a Rack Gear (Crémaillère) Instead of a Crankshaft. Every Stroke is Combustion

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The engine consists of two blocks. Number of blocks may be from one to the reasonable quantities (like 3, 4, 5 etc.). In this case, submitted an engine which consists of two blocks. Every block consist of two pistons (the black one - main and the red one-additional), and two valves. The first valve provides the intake of the fresh air-gas mixture into the volume above the additional piston. The second one provides the transfer of the compressed fresh air-gas mixture from the volume above the additional piston into the volume above the main piston and separates volumes above main and additional pistons after the ignition of the fuel in the volume above the main piston. The suggested design, like the classical two-stroke engine, has not a camshaft and valves connected with it. There is also a port for the exhaustion. The transfer of the power from the force of the pressure above the main piston to the power shaft is provided by the crémaillère.

The following problems are solved:
1. An inefficient combination of the pressure upon the piston and the tangential force on the crankshaft.
2. An incomplete combustion of fuel.
3. The exhaust gases are not completely removed from the cylinder.
4. The combustion of fuel is accompanied by a decrease in pressure and temperature.
5. Valves which interacted with camshaft do not provide effectiveness of intake and exhaustion strokes.
6. In the 4 cylinders traditional engine only every fourth stroke is combustion stroke.

Potential benefits.
In the suggested engine the shoulder of the tangential force on the power shaft on all way of the moving of the piston remains constant. The change of the magnitude of the torque in this case is defined only by one factor, namely, the change of the pressure in the cylinder in the process of moving of the piston. Statistical meanings of variations of moments in the suggested design and in the design with the crankshaft during the turning of the power shafts from 0 to 180 degrees could be characterized by average arithmetic values. An average arithmetic value of the moment in the suggested design is 1.83 times greater than the average arithmetic value of the moment in the traditional design (see attached Schedule of moments).

The abrupt opening and closing valves allow significantly improve intake fresh mixture of an air and fuel and exhaustion of burned gas.
Every stroke is combustion
That results to the decreasing of the thermal intensity, the increasing of the reliability and the wear resistance and decrease a harmful emission.
The mentioned idea could be used in all engines of internal combustion that are using in any machines.
Market potential is actually unlimited.
The suggested idea may be implemented very easy by producers of engines of internal combustion.
The production cost comparable with products which is already in the marketplace.

The idea will serve a public good by:
Reducing consumption of natural resources;
Reducing car emission;
Bolstering the economy;
Improving quality of life



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    Serguei Tikhonenkov
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    I want to create a powerful engine with less harm emission for people.
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