Current autonomous systems planned for introduction into public and private transportation rely on the system itself obtaining all the information on its surrounding environment through its own internal sensors and control sub-systems.

This is an updated version of the entry to create the future design contest 2017. This design of increased efficiency has plane A and B in the form of solid rods as in image 1 inclined at 45 degrees and fixed to both the outer diameter of spring SP.

The original mount of the test-vehicle engine is Passive Hydraulic Mount, see Figure 1.(a). The friction damper was added to the original mount in parallell. The modified mount system is a different size than the original one with an additional weight of 200 g.

The problem of controlling quality of motor oils in the course of their development, production and operation in cars is actual. We propose using a few drops of oil and surface plasmon resonance refractometer “Plasmon-71” (developed in Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics,

On Accessing the Inaccessible by Hovercraft

As climate change accelerates so also does the difficulty in the navigation of flood plains,

At one time or another we have all had to deal with driving into the sun. My idea is to have a small tinted area that is able to follow the blinding sun based on the position relative to the driver.

This adaptive thermal engine achieve variation of the displacement and / or the compression ratio to assure optimum combustion conditions and providing power to the load adaptation engine, with direct implications on growth power and reduced consumption.

An earlier entry described an ambitious Advanced ACV (Hovercraft).

Design iterations around the XFlo Blower arrangement showed problems which are taking longer than anticipated to resolve.

Building on the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Super Truck project and the patented Air Management System that delivers up to 10% fuel savings, 50% reduced under-hood heat and restores 65+ horsepower from electrifying the cooling system – comes a new revolutionary solution for the transportation industry.

The innovative device submitted here is an air centrifugation system, allowing to separate oxygen molecules from nitrogen molecules contained in the air. This device is mainly dedicated to internal combustion engines, more specifically in the field of motor vehicles, and is intended to drastically reduce pollutants and CO2 emissions,

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