Baxter Automotive Motor System Perpetual Motion

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Baxter Automotive Motor system is a perpetual motion "Active generating electric car" ( No battery required) . The design effectively replace fossil fuels for transportation. There is a logistics problem with plug in hybird electric cars that use electrical storage batteries. Our design solves this problem by causing pressurized hydraulic "draft" of a non flammable silicone oil across a "counter tilted" speed incline gear set. ( counter tilted defined.. resistance zeroed within a ratio gear set). the "working fluid then returned to pressurized confinement faster than it is used to generate electricity. The forward advancement of magnetic "pressure" also then applied to cause speed incline atop the fluid (silicone oil ) flow velocity. The system is "load reactive" and "baug resistant" ( will not slow down when power is requested from the generator). The design will provide "on-demand service" 24/7. This is critical in certain situations where transportation is required no need to wait for the car to charge.

The design solves "peak Oil" and subsequent Hyper inflation avoiding massive economic depression.
The design improves the quality of life reducing the need to pay for fuel while allowing the environment to heal. The design is a zero emission automotive motor system. The design is a novel concept unlike any other motor concepts we have encountered.

he design is intended for the automotive market will massive potential for job creation and high sales potential. Most of the components are already in production so not an excessive need for "raw" prototyping reducing the cost of production.
The advantages of this system vs. other fuel base or "plug in electric cars is that the system is also able to scale for use in other applications such as farm equipment or heavy equipment to reduce the cost of infrastructure repair or construction of municipalities' projects thus reducing the tax burden associated with the maintenance or repair. Cars that are not restricted to cause a viable product ie fuel efficiency "saves money" then can be stronger in impact design since the cost and weight of the vehicle is then not a factor in the operational cost when trying to sell a more efficient design. The operational cost then at zero.. or twice the fuel tax rate per mile makes the funding available for correct road maintenance allowing the city to then repair the roads with an adjustable "mpg" vs. tax...This allows for other advancements in road safety (heated bridges) or water pumping system to reduce flood prone areas ( with fuel less pumping). The "used system then unlike internal combustion engine system ..Baxter motor system when it's service life has ended would not be scraped . The design would then be rebuilt and possible applied in different application... since the design is not a heat engine mechanical deformation is not a factor... We are here to change the way the system works since what we are doing is dangerous. .It 's time to change our methods regarding transportation to then accommodate the population incline.


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