Automotive Air Filter to Gain 30-50% More Mileage and Reduce CO and CO2 Emissions by 45%

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The innovative air filter is a replacement product for the existing paper filters that can be manufactured and retrofitted on automobiles and diesel locomotives. The air filter media is comprised of a blend of 7 types of microfibers, dipped in a proprietary chemical solution. The air is provided to the engine with accelerated draft, the air gets ionized due to the friction with the filter media. The air filter has an ISO standard dust holding capacity of 99.4%.

A simple replacement/retrofitted product shows 30-50% more gain in mileage on petrol and diesel vehicles reducing emissions up to 45%. At economic level, India can save USD 7.3 Billion on fuel imports yearly with a mere 10% of fuel saving, which is 0.37% of its GDP. At social level, saving 45% of CO and CO2 emissions will reflect on increasing quality of air and save the lives of a billion people from respiratory diseases and other adverse effects. At consumer level, the ROI of the product is 2 months. Wherein the product lasts for 3 years/50000 kms if maintained periodically.

Complete combustion of the fuel is not a myth anymore. With the prototype research and development, the quality of fuel combustion can be improved to 100%. Complete combustion of the fuel will show negligible emissions which will provide higher returns towards running costs of fuel. The environment will be cleaner beyond imagination. With Technology Readiness Level -8, we have proven up to 50% mileage gain and 45% reduction in CO and CO2 emissions.

Currently the manufacturing is done in batch production, to make minimum viable products which are sold to a set of 50 customers which are in use since last 6 months and giving feedback. Upon the feedback, we are making second version of product to be sold to 2000 customers to validate the reliability and usefulness of the product on batch sampling basis across different zones in India. To manufacture the product on large scale, we have to set up own manufacturing plant where the capacity of production will be 8000 pieces per day and can supply the products to Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Our goal is to license the technology to the existing automotive companies and their vendors to manufacture the product and have it installed on their vehicles. Since the licensing process takes anywhere between 14-18 months to get adopted, we are working on setting up a retail sales channel to generate revenues and supply the product as an aftermarket accessory.

Sold 50 minimum viable products to test and validate the performance of the air filters in the real time environment. The products have been in use since 6 months. A couple of prototypes have been in use for 17 months.



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