Electric Vehicle For Forest Dwellers

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Forest dwellers (Tribal) are dependent on forest for their livelihood. Wild life safari provides a much needed source of sustainable income without dislodging them from their environment. However, the vehicular movement causes pollution at highly ecosensitive places. Presently, a 4x4 army disposal vehicle is used for this purpose. We have created a "bolt on kit" that replaces the engine of this car with an electric motor. The conversion is done at the forest, by the forest dwellers who are trained by our team. The battery is re-charged by solar panels. The charging stations are also erected and managed by tribal. The motor is water proof. All electronics are encased in a waterproof container. Non interchangeable MIL grade connectors provide plug and play ease of wiring. We have won a "Social Innovation Award" as this innovation provides livelihood for a difficult to reach and extremely vulnerable population.


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    Rajeev Ranadive
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    Social Relevance of new technology - usefulness to "Bottom Of The Pyramid" population and conservation of nature.
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