Vehicle Confirmation Security Pad

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Cargo theft in the United States is rampant. The FBI estimates between $3 and $10 billion annually. A disturbing number of these thefts (40% by some estimates) involve driver and warehouse personnel complicity.

U.S. Patent #7,414,527 addresses this problem by employing a confirmation security pad at strategic locations such as warehouse dock doors.

The pad consists of a weight sensor within a line, which can either be embedded in the ground or above ground. When a loaded truck arrives at a facility, the trailer wheels are parked on a confirmation security pad, and the weight is communicated via wireless communication to security within the facility. Any deviation in weight such as entry into, or unauthorized removal of cargo or trailer is instantly detected and communicated to security and/or police.

Although the description above is illustrated in the context of cargo transportation it can also be employed at areas such as parking garages, auto dealerships and other locations where vehicle theft is common.


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