Vehicle Poison-To-Fuel ConverterTM

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EPA's mandated vehicle emission systems, patented in 1959, evolved from a platinum Catalytic Converter (C.C.), to 2 way and since model year 1981, to a 3 way C.C. design. What the EPA does not want you to know is that its 3 way C.C. “converts” 1. targeted emissions, NOx & HC, into cyanide gas,* and 2) MTBE, EPA’s octane booster, into 3 nerve gas poisons!** None of these poisons are disclosed to the public. Is it a coincidence that no smog test machine has cyanide nor nerve gas sensors?

What automakers don’t want you to know is that they can no longer meet EPA’s arbitrary emissions levels, using 1959 technology. DieselGate demonstrates that automakers cheat when EPA fantacy emission mandates can not be met.
One test revealed the cause of the “intoxicated driver syndrome,” where alcohol was not present; “..the level of noxious air … in the (vehicle) cabin can be up to 10 times higher than … figures recorded on the sidewalk with polluted air being driven … by the vehicles’ ventilation systems.”***

EPA’s “junk science” is forcing vehicle makers to pay $55B/yr to the South African mining cartel’s catalytic converter precious metal monopoly. Isn’t it time to stop generating ever greater volumes of cyanide and nerve gas, as a means to reduce ever smaller volumes of natural, harmless NOx & HC emissions?

My Poison-To-Fuel ConverterTM, is patented, made in USA, and can be applied in one of two different ways:
1. Poison-To-Fuel ConverterTM is approve to be installed behind existing, EPA C.C. systems As a means to reduce EPA poison gasses.

My technology has demonstrated
1) almost 90% further reduction in targeted emissions,
2) it should also reduce EPA’s secret poison gasses by almost 90%, and, As a bonus,
3) it has demonstrated a 30% improvement in mpg. Or,
2. Poison-To-Fuel ConverterTM, with approval, can replace EPA’s 3 way C.C.
My technology would
1) eliminate EPA’s secret poison gasses,
2) reduce targeted emissions,
3) reduce the cost of fuel,
4) eliminate fuel wasted making poisons, reducing carbon footprint,
5) reduce new vehicle cost, no $55B/yr poison C.C.s needed,
6) reduce vehicle maintenance cost, no fragile C.C.s to replace,
7) eliminate smog tests, no need to monitor fragile C.C.s, and,
8) reduce healthcare and accident insurance costs, because accident causing poison gasses would no longer be produced.

Everybody wins!

*Andrussow process is an industrial process for the production of hydrogen cyanide from methane and ammonia in the presence of oxygen and a platinum catalyst. CH4 + NH3 + 1.5 O2 → HCN + 3 H2O.
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