Use of Supercharger in 150 CC Engine with Pinion Gear

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In automobile engineering there are many kinds of engines which have been manufactured by different companies but there are several problems that arise in engines like less power output, low efficiency, high altitude, mileage pick up, more fuel consumption, less torque, more exhaust etc. To overcome these problems we will try to implement a supercharger in a bike for getting better performance from the same engine.

The main motive behind this project is to enhance the performance of Internal Combustion Engine. This project aims to modify existing supercharged engine to get a better output from it. Basically supercharger is used for increasing the density and pressure of the atmospheric air. This will lead us to get a better performance from the same engine. As we know air is non-conventional source of energy the suggested method of improving engine efficiency is economical and environment friendly A centrifugal type of supercharger will be used because benefits of this supercharger are more compared to other types of supercharger (i.e. roots type supercharger and twin screw type supercharger). Benefits of centrifugal type supercharger in two wheeler is to get more power output with less emission and higher efficiency which will further result into less pickup timing.

There are several modification made in the design of supercharger to obtain optimum performance by varying parameters which can improve performance. Supercharging provides better combustion condition, torque as well as it also decreases the consumption of fuel. Inlet pressure is parameter that is focused upon as it will increase the compression ratio and eventually efficiency. In existing super charger there is problem of loss of power and rpm is reduced if it is directly mounted to engine crankshaft. The project aims to modify existing supercharger by using gear pinion arrangement between compressor and crankshaft to overcome power loss.

Why Supercharger??

Following are the main parameters about why we are using the supercharger instead of the turbocharger.
-Thrust from low revolution of engine rpm, as it requires no exhaust gas.
-As the supercharger is directly coupled with the camshaft, there is no delay in response time.
-Supercharger is more reliable as subject to less thermal stress and mechanical. Compared to turbocharger life cycle of Impeller Blade is higher in supercharger because there is no exhaust gas utilization by the supercharger.
-In a supercharger, less space is required compared to the turbocharger.
-it is preferred to fulfill the following requirements:
1) To surmount effect of high altitudes
2) To reduce the weight of engine per KW
3) It increases the power of the conventional engine when the greater power demand arise.
4) Complete the combustion of engine.
5) Reduction in hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.
6) Increased volumetric efficiency.
7) Increased load carrying capacity.

“Extra fuel + More air = Better explosion = Greater horsepower = Greater efficiency”.



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