Cost Effective Go Kart

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The Go Kart is a type of open wheel car. Go Karts come in all shapes and size, from motor-less models to high powered racing machines. Some such as Super Karts are able to beat racing cars or motorcycles on a long circuit. It is a small four wheeler run by an I.C Engine. It is a miniature of a racing car. Go Kart is not a factory made product; it can be made by engineers.

This report documents the process and methodology to produce a low cost go kart. Nowadays the go kartss which are available in the market cost more than Rs.1 lakh. We have made a simple, self-fabricated go kart for just 50000 rupees. The chassis is formed by hollow rectangular bar, powered by 125 cc engine fitted with disc brake. The chassis is made of mild steel. There is no suspension therefore the chassis has to be flexible enough to work as a suspension and stiff enough not to break or give way on a turn. We are replacing a hollow tubular shaft with hollow rectangular shaft. The purposes of this replacement are: for the same length of tubular shaft, rectangular shaft weighs the same, for visual improvement, for better mounting ability. The main thing is our aim is to make a Kart which is cost effective, and it as been found that a hollow rectangular shaft has more bending stress than the tubular shaft.


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