Tangent Drive Mechanism (TM)

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Invented by Dr. Nicholas A. Sanders, the recently patented Tangent Drive(TM) mechanism realizes an energy efficiency increase upwards of 25% when replacing a crankshaft in any reciprocating system, including engines, compressors, generators, and pumps. It is a purely mechanical invention that allows for a 1-to-1 replacement of the Crankshaft. Please view the video describing the mechanism and illustrating its functionality on a small table-top model.



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    Ryan Sanders
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    Nicholas A Sanders
    Ryan T Sanders
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    To leave the worlds energy supply in a better state than we found it. By improving mechanical efficiency of our reciprocating systems, we can move energy more easily and at lower cost than is currently being realized. The Tangent Drive (TM) allows for a 30% efficiency increase when replacing a crankshaft in any reciprocating system, which will allow for a slowing of fossil fuel usage on a global scale.
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