Linear Electric Crank Motor

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For electric cars, electric motors of rotary types are used. DC or AC ones. In my project I use linear type electric motors in line order attached to the crankshaft. Aim of this design is practical increase of the torque applied and to allow time for motor coils to cool down. Normally it has 6 linear actuators, but the control unit uses 3 actuators and up as needed against the load on the car. This reduces the electric consumption. Additionally the speed of the linear actuators is another feature which is controlled thus obtaining the wheel speed as required.

This system is mechanically similar to internal combustion engines but linear actuators work each time hence the power generated is continuous. Linear actuators generate a force which is regular then because there is no peak force applied. Design strength of crankshaft is not a problem as in internal combustion engines. A low profile crankshaft is well accepted.


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    Mehmetayber Gurler
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    I'm studying electric cars now but my experience of piston type engines influence me to make a conventional design.
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