The Carrier

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Automation might not fundamentally change the value of the car and it will not make the driver obsolete, but it will create new conditions for personal transportation. The autonomous car enhances safety and the quality of the driving experience and it enriches the time we spend in cars. In accordance with current technological trends within the automotive industry, my project focusses on the transfer of information to the driver. It combines augmented reality head-up displays and autonomous vehicles, through which I wish to explore the future of information systems in cars: the personalized driving interface.

In this project, I adapt smartphone screen culture to car dashboard design. Drivers can decide to be shown complete details or a minimalised display of dashboard items. Even a visual driving assistance system can become anthropomorphic and customized.



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    Chieh Hsu
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    Adobe, Cinema 4D
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    Airplane watching, car driving, traveling
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    Designboom, FB, Twitter, Linkedin
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    A car is more than just a mode of transport to many people. Apart from being a functional physical object it mediates between us and our private existence. It brings us to friends and family, and the space inside the car embodies the recollections of such journeys. Inside the car, there is a sense of security, safety, privacy and personality. From the outside, it expresses freedom, independence and the human ability to move and explore. In today’s technological age products get smarter and often more complex and harder to understand. The design of information displays in cars seems to go against this technological development. As cars are getting smarter, the information communicated to us while we drive is not.
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    Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator
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