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Drone Air’s UAV is the perfect flying solution to any delivery challenge. Drone Air Delivery (DaD) is manufactured using the latest modern manufacturing method to keep costs down. The DaD is made out of direct metal printing with a laser sintering method. The hollow frame is unique to the market, offering complete flexibility to future designs. Also the hollow frame allows it to not only cool the electronics faster than the conventional drone technology, but it also allows more room for more equipment. The DaD motor pods are screwed on with our T- nut knurled knobs. The identifiable bullet connectors are uniquely designed to match only on the pod it was designed for. There are no exposed wires like on your conventional drones; this means your drone is water tight!

We made this design to be user friendly so the operator does not have to have any piloting experience with other toys or models before flying our drone. Our drone is interchangeable using our clip lock and slip plate system. The fastening device is designed to allow for quick attachments.

We did not pass up on any details when we designed this drone. DaD modules can be interchangeable depending on the project at hand. You have a wide variety of options to choose from. The top head can carry (4) 360 parametric view cameras that are continually sending feedback to the control van or operator. This head can be removed to be replaced with a specially sealed designed plate that is non-shielding to the sensitive equipment used inside. The middle part of the drone’s body can be switched out with our one of a kind never before seen worm driven landing gear system. Only because of our hollow frame design can we create such a device. The other conventional drones you will see on the market only show a T- arm that is lifted out of the way during filming. Our landing gear uses a motor driven worm screw drive system and not some ball bearing servo like most market drones do.

DaD features a deluxe made battery tray designed to fit the charger that is easily replaced with another unit when the smart lipo battery tray tells the operator it is low on charge.


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