E.Wind Car

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In this concept will make a motor Electric Car more energy efficient and longer running. First we will make the air tube under the car the size 10 ft L x 4 ft W x 10 in H. At the end of the air tube there will be a rolling fan that is the same size as the air tube with 16 fan blades on the right and left sides of the rolling fan. It will be attached to a spindle gear size 10 in.diameter that weighs 5 lbs each side. The spindle gear will connect to the 5 in. diameter generator. When the car moves, the wind will flow to the rolling fan blades and the rolling fan will connect to the generator to produce electricity. We have 2 batteries in the back of the car [ A and B ]. The generator will charge battery A and battery B. When the motor runs out of battery A it will then switch to battery B. As it switches, the generator will charge battery A and B and vise versa. This car can go on longer trips compared with others.


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    Huong Pham
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    Electronic Technician
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    THE LONGEST ROLLING FANS . I made mistakes . The curved fan blades would be 73 tablets Instead 197 tablets and the thickness would be 1/3 ft. Instead 2 1/2 ft .please revise when reading those . thanks .
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    It none gas - no pollution . clean air...
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