MSB Hovercraft

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My Hovercraft has the capability to operate over almost any flat surface including shallow water, ice, vegetation, mud, logs and debris, rapids and flood plains. Hovercraft are marine vessels which operate by creating a cushion of air between the hull of the vessel and the surface below.

-Width: 1432,546 cm
-Length: 2646,917 cm
-Height: 1249,097 cm
-Passengers (excluding crew): 120
-Maximum payload: 25 tonnes
-Maximum speed at full payload: 90 k/h (48,5 knots)
-Normal endurance hours: 20
-Engine type: 2 x MAN diesel engines
-Hull material: Marine grade alluminum

What problem does your design idea solve?
-The ability to transport passengers from places where ships can't harbor, like shallow waters, snow etc...

What are the potential benefits?
-Tourist attraction, improving the quality of transporting people over a short period of time.

How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
-The special thing about my Hovercraft is the large area in the upper deck (as shown in illustration #3) that enables people to have a good time in the sun or fishing etc....Also it's comfortable, futuristic, uses clean energy with a lot of storage area and makes very low amount of noise.
-Conventional passenger craft often have to slow down on waterways because of the amount of wash or wake they produce at speed. The MSB Hovercraft produces virtually no wash or wake at high speed, which authorities and environmentalists consider as highly important. Journey times are also reduced. Our hovercraft can travel on rivers, tidal estuaries etc. which cannot be navigated by conventional vessels, opening services that before were inaccessible.

Where would this idea be applied?
-The design that i have made can be applied in the Transportation sector. It can be used also to explore wild life as it is very nature friendly. Also, with a few tweaks and changes it can be operated for Humanitarian causes, like saving lives in floods, and for engineering support role. Wherever there are difficulties in providing vital ship to shore services for engineer work such as dredging, cable and pipe laying in shallow water and marginal terrain. MSB hovercraft can provide a round-the-clock solution. Not having to rely on harbors, my hovercraft can be based on unprepared beach or shore line. When not providing support to offshore equipment, they can offer an essential emergency rescue service.
-It can also be used for Hydro-graphic & Seismic Surveys. it can be equipped with hydro-graphic and seismic survey equipment that allows the operator to carry out studies in the shallow water areas, normally inaccessible by any other means. Much time is saved since the craft is not restricted by tidal considerations.

What is the market potential?
-Why buy a ship when you can buy a Hovercraft that can do a ship's role and perform better in many conditions?
-I believe it will create lots of jobs.

How does your design work?
-It needs a minimum of 2 pilots and 2 cargo craft crew.



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