Prevent Falling of Car from Hilly Road

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Accidents often occur on hilly roads with cars falling down. All of the passengers (with driver) are dead from this accident and fortunately which persons are alive, they are deadly wounded. I send an idea to prevent these accidents.

For my innovation, on a car that runs on hilly roads, to be fitted with four extra (supported) wheels with chassis, which are foldable when needed. Two wheels to be fitted at just rear position of front spring plate and these wheels can fold parallel with chassis towards back side. Another two wheel to be fitted at the end of chassis and these will fold towards front side of chassis. These supported tires may be smaller size than main tires, but all tires' bottom position will stay at the same level. A strong but easy 3 to 4 inches contractionable spring to be fitted with the catcher (stand) of supported tire.

When a car will run on hilly roads, the supported four wheels to stay at unfold condition for move. By this system, when a wheel (main) will be out from the road side (which occurs when a car is in danger of falling) , the car will not lean towards down, because the supported extra wheel of that side will be able to straight the car and the driver will get the chance to stop the car slowly (which is not possible without the supporting wheel).

For temporary run at hilly road, the system can be fitted by clamp and it can get hired from any garage if the system is running.


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