Elimination of Jack-Knifing of Tractor-Trailers

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US Patent no. 9,415,646 states that an automobile and trailer or truck and trailer, first half of which is securely mounted to the rear underside of the automobile or truck, the second half of which is securely mounted to the underside of the trailer. When the trailer is attached to the automobile or truck the two hitch halves interlock. A locking rod is inserted horizontally to cause the hitch to act as a single unit. Horizontal rotation is prevented but the trailer is able to pivot vertically around the locking rod to compensate for the trailer going over bumps in the road.

It is novel in that no apparatus exists which totally eliminates jack-knifing. It would be produced by the automotive transportation and hitching industry.For marketability, the automotive industry possesses the capability to produce this with very little modification. It would be applied to highway transportation and would positively affect safety and commerce. It is novel in that it does not exist and we therefore were granted a utility patent( Patent no. 9,415,646) .

For the above reasons it is an important advance over the current state of the art which mitigates jack- knife but does not eliminate it entirely.

It will save lives, prevent injuries, lower insurance costs, simplify licensure, and promote the safe and expeditious transport of people and goods.


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