ReGen-X Stepper Motor for EV Regenerative Acceleration

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All electric motors convert Electrical Input Power to Mechanical Output Power.

The ReGen-X Stepper Motor is a unique patent pending new motor design which delivers Mechanical Output Power AND Electrical Output Power at the same time.

The ReGen-X Stepper Motor also converts electrical input power to mechanical output power just like any electric motor but it also delivers electrical output power in a two stage approach..

The ReGen-X Stepper Motor employs; 1) the ReGenX Generator Coil, which produces a Complementary-Electromagnetic-Torque when delivering electric power to a load in concert with 2) Magnetic Field Flyback Collection Motor Control Circuit such that the motor delivers mechanical drive shaft output power while also delivering more output current than the motor coils consume.

When electric current is passed through a current bearing wire which makes up a motor coil an electromagnetic field is created around the coil which performs work and changes the kinetic energy of the motor's magnetic rotor (accelerating it).

The rotor is usually made up of altering magnetic poles and the current direction in the motor coil is continually and rapidly altered so the electromagnetic fields produced around the coil interact correctly with the rotating rotor pole(s) and performs the desired motor action.

The magnetic field created around the coil is dissipated into free space and lost when the current direction is reversed.

The ReGen-X Stepper Motor has a unique motor control circuit which allows; 1) the magnetic field created around the motor coil to collapse back into the coil, 2) to be converted back into electric current in Magnetic Field Flyback Collection Mode and then 3) delivered to a battery before the next DC pulse occurs.

Magnetic Field Flyback Collection and normal Generator Action in a Motor are caused work together in concert to deliver more electric current to the battery than was delivered to the motor coil initially.

Generator Action in a Motor occurs when the motor's rotor pole moves away from the motor coil, causing undesired current to be produced in the motor coil. Now this current is harnessed in a novel way to produce a positive and desired result along with the recycled and reclaimed input current.

Illustration #1 shows the ReGen-X Motor Circuit Diagram where the DC motor pulse is provided to the motor coil and then switched once the DC pulse has ceased to allow the collapsing magnetic field and Generator Action in a Motor to collectively recharge a battery.

The ReGen-X Stepper Motor is designed to be employed in electric vehicles (EVs) to provide EV battery recharging during vehicle acceleration in Regenerative Acceleration Motor Mode, during coasting in Regenerative Acceleration Mode, and during breaking in Regenerative Braking Mode.

"Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration" Generator Operation is explained here:

The ReGen-X Motor is used an an EV Traction Motor to accelerate the EV up to cruising speed and then any number of coils can be converted to Regenerative Acceleration Generator Coils as dictated by the CPU to provide optimal EV battery recharging and vehicle performance.


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