Convertible 2 Wheeler

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In India the majority of the people use a 2 wheeler instead of a 4 wheeler all throughout the year except for rainy seasons. The major advantage of a 2 wheeler over a 4 wheeler is that it requires less parking space. In the rainy season people mostly use 4 wheeler in spite of the parking issues to get protection from the rain. This causes a lot of traffic since the size of the roads in most of the places in India are designed to handle a 2 wheeler traffic.

The major motive of this project is that it will reduce the issues related to the traffic and also its cost would be lower than a convertible 4 wheeler. Being convertible the said vehicle would also give more visibility to the driver when the weather is clear and the top is kept open. Also 2 wheeler being symmetric about the driver tend to give the driver better judgement than a 4 wheeler, hence they are also easy to learn.

A major disadvantage of this system would be the cost and also the life. The cost of a convertible is usually almost double that of the a non convertible. Also, due to movable parts, its life is less than that of a conventional vehicle. Besides these disadvantages another issue would be that it would increase the kerb weight of the vehicle. This is an important consideration in design of a 2 wheeler since the balancing is done by the driver. If the weight of the 2 wheeler increases due to the increase in the inertia, its chances of skidding while negotiating a turn at high speed increases. Also, during rainy season, the coefficient of friction between the road and the tyres decreases hence the driver will have to be careful while driving this vehicle during rainy season.

Although this idea has a certain set of disadvantages by employing a proper design, these are the issues which can be taken care of.

The attachments includes 2 images of covered 2 wheelers one of which has just a detachable plastic cover and the other one is a fully covered 2 wheeler. The third image is of a convertible car. The mechanism employed in our design would be similar to the one used in the car.


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    The wide use of 2 wheelers in India and the only thing where they lack is in proving protection against rain and sunlight. Hence it is an attempt to get over this one disadvantage.
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