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Windmobile uses air resistance to charge its batteries. This effect is achieved by the fact that under its hood is a combined turbine, which absorbs the energy of the incoming air completely. This turbine is the most efficient in the world. In addition to the propeller, it has a turbo-expander and lateral blades.

The air first falls on the propeller, then on the turboexpander and then on the side blades. Thus, the entire energy of the air flow is absorbed.

The picture shows two turbines above the bonnet - for ease of perception. In fact, before the turbines there will be shutters to control the flow of air.

In another variant, the turbine will be one and will be located between the wheels. Such a turbine, one meter long and half a meter in diameter, will be equivalent in its area to a 3 meter conventional turbine and in terms of power it will be equivalent to a 5 meter long windmill station. As the combined turbine assimilates 95% of the air flow, and the usual turbine - only 45%.

Thus, at an average speed of 40 km / h, this turbine will generate 10 kilowatts of electricity. I.e if the car has a 15 horsepower engine, then the turbine will almost completely supply it.

Of course, 15 horsepower is not a huge power, but it's enough for a small city car. In addition, the wheels of this car will have hubcaps that will increase the power of rotation due to atmospheric air pressure.

These hubcaps have the same configuration as the combined turbine, but they are flat and operate in a different mode. Lateral blades pumped the air from inside the hubcap and create a vacuum there. Atmospheric air under pressure rushes into this empty area and presses on the propeller and the turbo-expander and rotates them. The creation of a vacuum inside the hubcap requires less energy than atmospheric pressure does work, since the air density is very small compared to static atmospheric pressure.

Thus, the wind-mobile receives additional power already at a speed of 30-40 km / h. This additional power will be within 3-5 kilowatts, which is also not bad.

This windmobile can be equipped with a very economical electric motor, which is based on the following effect: as is known, the full power is required by the car only during the start. While driving, it requires several times less power. And this power is proportional to the speed of movement.This means that during the movement the motor power can be lowered. On internal combustion engines, for this purpose, two of the four pistons are disconnected. On ordinary electromotors there is no such possibility. But on a multi-rotor electric motor of a new design, there is such a option.

This motor has already received a patent.


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