Modern Wheels

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My idea is about the design and creation of wheels in the form of products that satisfy customer’s requirements and look great on all things. I select a most promising concept for design analysis and design optimization, various concepts that satisfy each of the functions are generated and combined into a complete design. I divided my design process into three interrelated phases, product specification, planning phase, conceptual design phase, and product design phase.

During the product specification and planning phase, I identify the customer’s requirements and translate them into engineering specifications in terms of the functional requirements, Function, shape, material (magnesium alloys wheels), and production methods are also considered. However, for light-weight and high-speed I consider the elastic effects of the material body.

In the conceptual design phase, I generate as many design alternatives as possible, evaluate them against the functional requirements, and select the most promising concept for design detailing as it is shown in the Illustration 1. A rough idea of how the product will function and what it will look like is developed. In the product design phase, I perform a thorough design analysis, design optimization, and simulation of the selected concept.

And then I reevaluate the engineering specifications developed in the product specification and planning phase. I focus on designing high-performance, lightweight wheels through its entire lineup, making them an ideal choice for someone looking for a quality performance wheel on a budget.

These wheels are what you need to give your vehicle an aggressive look and Add a touch of distinction to your vehicles. With spokes extending from the center to the outer edge of the lip, these cast Monoblock wheels provide superior concavity, aggressive staggered fitments, allow for large caliper upgrades and They are perfect for most popular cars. These wheels are designed to stand out from the crowd.


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    I use my own creativity over the time of designing a new products to offer better products in different aspects such as product performance also the Innovation is something that needs to lead to real products.
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