Emergency Seat Belt

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The most common automotive occupant protection system in use today is the three-point automatic seat belt. Its function is to restrain the occupants in their seats in the event of an accident so that they are decelerated at the same rate as the passenger cell in which they are sitting, and are not exposed to severe, uncontrolled forces. But in opposite situation especially after road collision, the victims trapped inside the vehicle will be facing more crucial situation because they are locked by the seatbelt. The current seat belt design is like a double-edged sword and it only can benefit the person using it but also can cause harm in the certain situation. In order to solve this issue, the structure of seatbelt components was suggested. Combination of the car and airplane feature was integrated to ensure the victim of road collision easily managed and escape from serious injuries. The objective of this suggestion is to reduce the death caused by a seatbelt in a road accident. To meet this objective, the proposed design as illustrated as appended figure.


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    Mohd Norzaimi Che Ani
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    High level of injury during road accident
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