BuckleDown Systems

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Thermally buckled sidewalks are a safety and financial liability if not repaired. The cost of a repair can be $2,000 or more and disrupt the site for days. BuckleDown System allows the repair to be made by two workers in two hours, saving 50-70% of the cost. Additional personnel, vehicles, and equipment are eliminated from the task, saving fuel and other resources. Existing concrete stones are now able to be cut and re used on site. Municipal and property owner budgets are extended.

The patented Cretelift(tm) device is placed under the buckle to lift both sides equally and relieve compression on the joint. measured excess is cut from one side and the stones are lowered till flat and three new expansion joints are filled with an elastomeric sealer. Two workers. Two hours. Flat. The device remains under the sidewalk and a new one is used for the next repair.



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