Wire Coding

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Automotive wiring harnesses are defined as a set of organized wires, connectors, and terminals which run throughout the entire vehicle and transmit information and electric power. Wires used in the harness have a very important role in connecting different components of the car. Each wire in the wiring harness system carries energy and an electrical signal which is used for applications, like starting the engine, power windows, the navigation system, lights, etc. The system normally has many different types of wires depending on where they will be installed, heat and cold resistance, and other important considerations. For that reason, wires are made with different materials and use different colors for insulation which for harnesses manufacturers is conducting to high set times while changing the wires by color. In order to help reducing the set up times, mainly at cutting area (area where wires received in spools with few kilometers are cut into leads with few centimeters) we came out with the idea of having all wires with same color but the color by a bar-code. As wire manufacturers are printing the wires with identification, the idea is that besides cable identification the bar-code should be added to define correct color of the wire. Harnesses producers just need to be equipped with bar-code readers to identify the correct color of the wire.


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