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It’s a vehicle that can make world a greener place to live in. This lightweight (approx. 60 kg) EM-trike is a highly engineered one seater hybrid vehicle with electric +manpower to operate it. Along with the quirky looks, its technical specifications provides comfort as well as satisfaction to the user. It has a tadpole design configuration which means two wheels in front and one in the rear. It’s equipped with a powerful spring +damper suspension in the rear, 8-speed sprocket for varying torque, disk brakes in the front and rear wheels. It has wide tires for more traction. It has an indirect Ackerman steering system with a steering ratio of 1.5 for ease. It can carry loads up to 400-500 kg or more.
It’s a rear wheel drive with max speed of about 50 km/h with electric drive and 30 km/h with manual.

Electric drive - The BLDC motor+ controller (500 Watts or more) are driven by two lead acid batteries (18 volts each). However, in addition to it solar energy or small air turbine can also be used to charge the batteries in the E-trike’s variants.

Manual drive - It is driven by adjustable pedals (according to the height of the person) attached with the chassis. The combined power is transmitted using chain and sprocket.

Furthermore, it has a detachable body and adjustable chassis with quick release mechanism which can fold and will occupy a very small space. It has a lightweight seat made of glass fiber easily reclinable (+15 degrees). Its cost can vary between 35000-50,000 Rs. which is affordable.

It can be used by:

1. Cyclists enthusiasts - With the current growing craze for cycling (even off road), it can be used by the enthusiasts.

Problems solved-
• Protection - For cyclists, it provides full body protection(with the car body) as well as mud guards and they can drive in any weather condition.
• Off roading -The wide tires provide traction and 8 speed sprocket provides varying torque.
• No need for parking ticket as well as space due to detachable body of the trike.
• Fitness- Good for fitness as it will burn fat and not fuel.

2. Personal mode of transportation – It can be used by any one irrespective of age or job, eg- policeman, students, children, etc.

Problems solved-
• Promotes green environment- It will not only solve their purpose for carrying goodies but also promote green environment in our country.
• Carrying heavy load- It is capable of carrying load up to 500kg
• Cost effective and affordable- As electric trike would cost much less than a normal fuel car and hence it is cost effective.
• Height is not a barrier- Pedal as well as seat can be adjusted according to the height of the person.

3. College Campuses- It can be used on huge college campuses where electric vehicles are to be used according to the govt. plan.

Problem solved-
• Parking -it occupies very small space in parking lot due to fold-able chassis and detachable body.
• Saving time- Saves time from one place to another.


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