Vehicle to Cloud (V2C) Remote Management of Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging

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Smart charging system for electric vehicles using cloud based monitoring and management is demonstrated in this work. xEVs (electric plugin hybrid, battery electric vehicles) Charging Management System is crucial for the dynamic demands of charging infrastructure, namely perspectives from automakers, electricity providers, vehicle owners and charging service providers. Through dedicated interface, the developed system is capable of providing real time information to xEVs users regarding the nearest charging station with minimum queuing delay, with minimum charging cost through a secured online accessing mechanism for accessing Sate of the Charge (SOC) of the xEV’s battery being charged. The system not only provides an execution framework for the xEVs users but also provides an optimal energy trading solution to all entities involved in a smart charging infrastructure such as charging station, aggregators, smart grid etc. The work also explains the cloud enabled bidding strategies that look for day-ahead and term-ahead markets. The aggregators will use the smart decisions undertaken by cloud analytics to execute their bidding strategies in a way to maximize the profit. Further, the work also assesses the possible cyber security aspects of such architectures along with providing possible solutions.


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    Tahir Ahmad
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    Tahir Ahmad, Saad Alam, Muzakkir Hussain.
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    Cardiovascular disease is one of the major issue in the world. If I could develop a device that could monitor heart condtions and tell the user in real time about its condition and suggests him for improvements.
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    Hadoop, Android Studio, Matlab
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