Ultralight Bike

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Ultralight Bike - world record, 2,767 grams.

An innovative bicycle, perfectly functional at 1/1 size, equipped with a mechanical gearbox (patented), with electronic control and speed change.

In my construction where the technology of the gearbox 48-64 speed - Patent RO/a 2015 00558 - is implemented inside an ultralight composite/wooden bike, it is (a detachable) part of the center part of the frame, and has also other roles – axle for pedals, clutch, gear shifter, braking system, starter, all electronically controlled.

For application in case of a bike, an electric motor can be mounted inside the gearbox, for easy “take-off.” No matter how many gears are built-in, they can be shifted in stationary mode/position as well.

A huge advantage is the crank axle, which eliminates the chain and the tightening system. The bike runs safely and silently.


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    Danut Sobol
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    Pen and paper
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    scale models, wood working, bicycles
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    Scientific research and the conquest of new frontiers.
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