Torque Converter Clutch Manual System

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1) How it works
a. This system replaces the clutch system for manual transmissions with a locking torque converter, variable vane oil pump, and a clutch pack which will operate as the clutch system for a manual transmission. Components will include a computer-controlled valve body which controls when the clutch pack engages and when the locking torque converter engages. In operating the clutch system, the operator can push the clutch in or press a button to disengage the clutch system. To start the vehicle a neutral safety switch will prevent the car from starting in gear. An additional feature will allow for a push start. This feature will incorporate an electric pump to engage all the clutches with the push of a button somewhere in the vehicle or by connection to the control module.

2) What makes it novel
a. The novelty of this system is that it incorporates a torque converter into a manual transmission system which will allow an operator to shift the transmission into gear but at the same time not move the vehicle until appropriate time to move the vehicle. In the traditional vehicle, this situation will cause an engine stall out while this system will prevent stall out and allow for a smooth initial start of the car. The initial movement of manual clutch vehicles is typically where the most wear of the clutch occurs. This new clutch system significantly reduces this initial start wear thus reducing maintenance costs while also smoothing out the transitions between gears providing greater operator comfort. A disabled individual could use this system because it allows the use of a push button to operate the clutch.

3) How it’s produced
a. The production of this system will be designed by calculating the stresses of engine power in combination with the original design or class of the transmission. Different bell housings will fit different engine/transmission combinations by use of an adapter plate designed for the combination. The program for the control module will be customizable for operator preferences and located within the unit itself. The system will utilize a cooling system with additional fluid capacity to help cool and extend the life of the fluid.

4) The application
a. This clutch system can be used in retrofit applications and in new customized vehicles to replace the traditional manual clutch system. Its use will smooth out the operation of driving a manual transmission equipped vehicle.


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