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In order to save more time for the victims and reduce the difficulties of the rescue, Mazu is a marine rescue drone designed for medium and small vessels.

(Emotion 1) When the vessel is turned over, "Mazu" will set up to the sky automatically and immediately throw a life buoy to victims, sending out a help signal simultaneously to notify. The life buoy thrown by Mazu can top up automatically and send out signal and have lights on, helping the rescue team to quickly search for the location of the victims.

When there isn't a shipwreck but someone falls overboard, Mazu can be sent out manually to search the location of the victim and throw the life buoy.

(Emotion 2) And Mazu will hover over the victim.

When Mazu runs out of power, it will drop around the victim, floating with the victim by the ocean current. And provide information about the current to the rescue team.

Mazu is equipped with 3D image sensor that could do face recognition, so that it can target at the victims and throw the life buoy.

Immediate rescue and help the rescue team to search for victims. Reduce the death toll.



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