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To experience a new world of extreme sports on ice, and feel the swift drift with nearly zero dynamical friction!

TURN is a recreational vehicle on ice. Players can control with limb muscles in lie posture, creating an extreme experience to glide and drift on ice. There is air propulsion on two sides, which can form extreme movements such as sharp turn and tail drift, reducing the dynamical friction on ice by the assistance of double spherical tires. Except for individual player, it’s also feasible for two players to connect their vehicles and generate new driving and entertaining experience. Multiple playing methods increase the level of complexity and challenges. TURN is a new choice for ice-sports lovers, creating an ultimate feeling of excitement!

Studies shows that in the future, as the global warming climate changes, the Earth will enter the Little Ice Age; the lakes and roads in most high latitude areas will be frozen. In the face of such environmental changes, hoping to design a more varied ice sports experience, and allow athletes to challenge the new realm of zero friction!

In recent years, there are new ways to play outdoor sports in all aspects, but there is no new idea in terms of ice sports. Common ice sports in the market are nothing more than skating, ice hockey, ice ballet or ice skateboarding; all the footholds are in the skates. TURN jumped off the frame to create a more diverse and challenging ice sports experience.


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    Yu San Weng
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    Lin, Wei-Chi
    Hsu, Yi-Wen
    Weng, Yu-San
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