Pressure Sensitive Variable Intensity/Hue Forward Brake Light

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One consistent problem with traffic/driver interaction is the guesswork required to judge if/when a person approaching is braking his/her vehicle, specifically to make a turn. Crossing and entering traffic is a key source of accidents. In this invention, a forward brake light (high intensity red) comprised of LED elements capable of changing hue as brake pressure is applied, would serve to provide a visible confirmation that the driver is, in fact, braking. An argument that this would falsely lure a waiting driver into the street is moot, because if the color/hue of the light is not fully red (beyond a certain saturation) the indication would be to not proceed. However, in contrast, if a person sees an on-coming vehicle that does NOT show forward brake indication, the greater good would be served by making entry into traffic contra-indicated. Operation could be associated with turn signal logic, but would not be required.


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