Marker Light System for Identifying Inexperienced Drivers

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Teen and young drivers are the most likely to be involved in serious and/or fatal accidents. Their inexperience is dangerous, yet not known to surrounding motorists. In this invention, the vehicle marker lights could be designed in such a way as to respond to a "juvenile driver" key or fob, of other entry required to start a motor vehicle. The lighting system would then produce a flash pattern, flicker, or in LED application a specific hue to warn all surrounding motorists, and law enforcement, of inexperienced drivers.

In the case of fellow motorists, wide berth could be given. In the case of law enforcement, closer attention could be given to those who are indicated as young driver and better education and warning could be provided. In the case of the driver as well, he/she would know that their age and inexperience would be clearly visible, and they would, theoretically, be more likely to behave in a way that would be less likely to result in punishment.

In another embodiment, additional lighting, or stop/brake/head lights could be modified for the purpose. In another embodiment, this could be applied to impaired drivers - but having a "phantom chauffeur" sensor system which would sense driver impairment through comparison of nominal driving behaviors.


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