Dynamic Diff Lock Mechanism Through Modular Spike Shaft Design for Compact SUV

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What is our project? Design and Development of diff lock through novel spike shaft design mechanism for SUV and Off – Road Vehicles.

Why did we introduce it? In India 70 % are in rural areas, major transportation has been done through pick up van ( Maximo / JITO /TATA ace/Ashok Dost ) i.e. 1 ~ 5 tone application, in 70% rough road contains big digs and ditches while vehicle loaded and moving through same road will lock wheel, so if want to move from there need extra power and that finally got from rear wheel diff lock.

Design Methodology: Design/DFMEA / DVP /CAE Verification /Validation.

Market Available: Eaton / TATA/ Eicher (Hydraulic or Pneumatic operated)

Cost: 47,225 INR.

Benefit: 100% positive lock with mechanical design/low cost and high efficiency.

Cost: Our Project Cost 28,000

OBJECTIVE:The objective of the dissertation work is to design and develop an innovative compact and novel differential lock unit. It improves continuously running along rough roads or mining area to obtain vehicle performance along with synchronization of getting round up trip without interrupted drive. This new approach has to cover most of the commercial optimized & well durable diff lock design protocol.

PROJECT CONCEPT: We are to modify the spike shaft of the differential i.e., shaft that carries the bevel pinions to develop projections on it, which can be locked using a mechanical pin mounted on the dog ring that is made to slide using a rack and pinion arrangement driven by a 12 volt DC motor that runs on car battery this makes system simple, low cost low maintenance affordable to be put in commercial cars.

ADVANTAGES: Mechanical locking system makes strong locking No –electromagnet so lesser chances of failure. Low power consumption of battery. Self-locking i.e. does-not unlock under load. Low cost. Low maintenance. Can be implemented easily on conventional differential without many constructional changes.

APPLICATION: Commercial cars, Light utility vehicle, Sports cars/SUV, Tractor,Trucks/Bus/ defense vehicles.

CONCLUSION: 1.The differential locking is achieved by use of semi automatic actuator, mechanism;
2. The differential shows proper differential action in unlocked condition; 3. Differential shows zero slip in locked condition; 4. Testing reveals that speed drops with increase in load; 5. Testing reveals that torque increases as speed drops; 6. Testing reveals that power increases as speed drops; 7. Testing reveals that efficiency increases as speed drops. 

REFERENCE: We are referred SAE published paper for our novel project which are mentioned below: [1] Giordani, G. and Fratta, C., "Light Commercial Vehicle with Locking Differential," SAE Technical Paper 2013-36-0467, 2013.,[2] Pinho A. and Franco, C., "Studies on a Usage of a Limited Slip Differential Without Full Locking Features Compared to Open Type Differential and Traction Control in Mid-Size Truck - Drivers for Strategic Decision Balancing Technical Performance and Customer Perception," SAE Technical Paper 2015-36-0164, 2015.,[3] N.Vijayababu, Ch.Sekhar Narasaraopeta Engineering College, JNT University, Kakinada. design and analysis of differential.


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