Running on Road, Elevation and Hovering Electric Cars

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Design Statement:
Vehicle is mounted/hanging or connected by elevated or side placed tube shaped structure.

For Propulsion: Electromagnets installed in tube shaped structure and vehicle body/ connecting link or wings producing the electromagnetic forces to propel the vehicles in forward direction by Electromagnetic Suspension Systems (EMS) principle.

Speed and Brake: Magnitude of electromagnetic force and synchronous frequency between vehicle’s and tube’s electromagnetic coils.

Position of the Vehicle and Coil Activation Status: Colorful LED lights that are covering the electromagnetic coils will be activated to represented the position and coil activation status.

Mounting and Support: Vehicle is mounted with the tube shaped structure via link and wheels (inserted in guide-way groove of tube shaped structure).

Tube Shaped Structure Joint and Overtaking: Sleeve is acting as a joint to connect the two tubes and also acting as rotor with multiple grooves to provide assistance in overtaking of the vehicle while travelling through it and when required.

Hovering Version of Transportation System:
Link that is connecting vehicle with tube shaped structure will produce the lift force (by working itself as an airfoil shaped wing or with the airfoil shaped flaps) to hover the vehicle while travelling.

Vehicles can hover
Fast and reliable journey
Electric-powered / Renewable energy dependence
Half or fully automation driven


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