Cell Phone Ticketing Device

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Develop a new traffic code enforcement tool to improve driver safety. There currently exist camera systems that enforce traffic codes by taking pictures of drivers and their vehicle s that exceed speed limits, go through red lights, or go through automated toll booths without paying.

Multiple antennas and cameras could be placed on road overpasses or similar structures to detect and take pictures of drivers that are using cell phones while driving. A moving cell phone could be detected as it approached a check point. Once the system has determined that the phone is in the proper position, a camera would take a picture of the vehicle license and the driver along with timestamp information. Recognition software would be used to determine if the driver was in fact holding a cell phone in use. False triggers would occur if a passenger was using a cell phone or the driver was using a hands-free device. The false triggers would be thrown out by the recognition software while pictures of drivers using handsets would be forwarded to the local authorities so that citations could be issued to the driver.

Depending on cooperative agreements with cell phone carriers, it may be possible to implement this in a virtual manner using existing cell towers. In this instance, the only hardware that would be needed is a processor and camera system for the check point. Custom software in the processor would coordinate the needed data from existing cell towers.

This system will also serve a dual role in identifying sources of illegal radio frequency transmissions and alert the authorities of their existence and location. These illegal radio frequency transmissions, which are used for criminal purposes, are becoming more and more prevalent. Many times these transmissions are intended to jam or confuse GPS receivers. There are also transmitters that jam cell phone usage. These signals also have the potential for interfering in the transition to self-driving cars over the coming decades. Self-driving cars rely heavily on GPS and potentially other RF signals such as cell services. Many criminals use these techniques to aid in cargo and car thefts as well as drug trafficking. As such many of these transmitters are mobile making the detection system described here-in the idea tool to identify, track, and photograph the sources for prosecution. The system described here in can also identify sources of illegal radio frequency transmissions outside the field of view of the system cameras. The coordinates of these sources of illegal radio frequency transmissions would be forwarded to the FCC for further investigation.

Illustration #1 - 3D View of Possible Implementation
Illustration #2 - Block Diagram of Stand Alone Configuration
Illustration #3 - Visual of System on Freeway


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