RoFo Ice Hockey Puck BevDisHeadgear Beverage Dispenser

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The RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser is a practical absurd innovative tool that has multiple uses and applications. The RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser offers options for those seeking more product variety with proven, standard simple to use features. The RoFo WOODEN BARREL BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser is for rehydration for other persons or self. It contains, transports to any location for dispensing a beverage.

While worn on an individual’s head, a second person or the wearer can operate it by means of turning the front RoFo WOODEN BARREL Motific Spigot, dispensing a beverage into a glass, or into another person’s mouth. The RoFo WOODEN BARREL Motific Spigot is secured onto the front of the wearable container that can be opened to dispense a beverage by means of gravity, suction, pressure or levity flow. The spigot can be closed to retain a beverage in the chamber. A hat-like recess is formed within the bottom wall of the container sized for wearing on an individual's head, and for maintaining the container in a freestanding condition during hands-free ambulation of the individual. The RoFo WOODEN BARREL BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser has no geographic or demographic limitations on the planet.

The RoFo WOODEN BARREL BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser is facilitating one or more F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) food grade quality plastics: PETE: Polyethylene terephthalate ethylene, HDPE: High-density polyethylene in its manufacturing. An empty unit weighs about 1½ pounds, while when full approximately 3¾ pounds.


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